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Gutter Repair Stouffville

Gutter repair in Stouffville ON is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Donnlyn Roofing. We can help you with any roofing issues you have.

Why Are Gutters Important?

The gutters on your home have an essential job to accomplish, diverting water away from your home. Heavy rains and the water left behind can have devastating consequences for your home. If water pools around the foundation, it can undermine the structure of your home and lead to costly repair bills.

Your home must correctly installed and maintained gutters. A gutter system will have gutters on every sloped roof edge. There should be no standing water in your gutters, nor should they leak. Every gutter should be fastened securely to your home.

Downspouts should never stop close to the foundation. All downspouts should release their water at least three feet from your home's foundation. You will see concrete diverters under downspouts, but unfortunately, these are not adequate in most situations.

Water must be diverted as far away from the foundation of your home as possible. You need to have a gutter system that is designed for your home, location, and climate. If you feel you require gutter repair in Stouffville, contact a professional immediately. Some benefits of adequately installed gutters are:

  • Erosion can be prevented
  • Flooding basements can be prevented
  • Foundation problems avoided
  • Less settling of sidewalks and patios
  • Soil is stabilized around your home
  • Water damage to siding can be prevented

What Is Gutter Maintenance?

Gutters are essential for your home, but maintaining them is crucial. You want to make sure you clean your gutters regularly. If you have gutters that are full of leaves, soil, and growing weeds, you have waited too long. You will want to have your gutters cleaned as soon as possible and have them inspected for damage. For gutter repair in Stouffville, contact a reputable roofing company. Clogged gutters can cause several problems. 

  • Water damming can damage eaves
  • Water that leaks into your home can damage walls and flooring
  • Mosquitoes breed in standing water
  • Gutters filled with leaves can be a fire danger in areas prone to wildfires
  • Deteriorating gutters can cause leaks and eventually fail

Homeowners often believe they don't have to clean their gutters out if they don't have any nearby trees. This is not true. All gutters need a good cleaning at least twice a year, minimum. If you have trees nearby, you may be cleaning your gutters two or three times in autumn when the leaves fall.

Why Hire A Professional To Repair My Gutters?

When gutter repair in Stouffville is necessary, you want to make sure you hire a company that is fully equipped to handle the job. Roofing companies are experienced with all facets of roofing and can assess your gutters. An excellent roofing company will be able to make sure your gutter system is adequate at diverting the water from your home's foundation, conduct a thorough inspection, and explain what needs to be done to repair or replace your gutters. Contact Donnlyn Roofing today and let us help you with all of your roofing needs. 

Gutter Repair Stouffville
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Gutter Repair Stouffville

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