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The roof makes the first impression of your house. When choosing the best metal roof option for your home, one of the most exciting parts of the process is selecting a color. At D.M. Roofing, we understand the importance of color and how it impacts curb appeal. So, we've decided to compile some information to help you choose the right color.

Why Go Metal?

Let's talk about why you need to go for metal roofing before we start taking you down to the colorful path. One of the reasons why homeowners turn to metal roofing is that it can last decades. This type of roof has excellent properties that help it withstand the weather, so there is no worry about rot, insect damage, or other damage. They also weigh less than other types of roofing.

Choosing A Metal Roofing Color

If you've decided to go for a metal roof, one crucial step you need to take is choosing from various metal roofing colors. There are plenty of metal roof colors to choose from, and the tips below will help you navigate through your options.

  1. Consider Your Location

We mean a couple of different things when we say consider your location. You need to analyze how your roof might look at different times of the day when picking a color for your home. For example, brighter color metal roofing panels are energy efficient but might blind you and your neighbors if your house is located in the direction of the sun.

  1. Find Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including materials such as stone, brick, or shingles. Use these substances to find something beautiful. Also, you can find inspiration from other homes in your area. You could take your time to drive around and check different houses to note which ones you like best and why. You can also check the Internet if you want to stay inside. Social media offers a lot of color combinations that are useful for homeowners. 

  1. Tonal Or Contrast Colors

Take up some skills and bring some colors together. There are a couple of trial and error methods that will give you good results. Contrast colors involve pairing light with dark or two colors on the opposite end. Tonal is another option that is pleasing to the eye. It's referred to as the application of very similar colors. It would involve paring a red brick home with a red roof.

  1. Assess Your Home Design

You need to consider your home's design when selecting a roof color. Your house might look awkward and out of place if your roof doesn't match the overall style of your home. Assess your home design, and make sure you choose a color that would look good with others. A black roof on a brown house, for example, could look drab and dull. 

We Can Help!

Choosing the best color for your roof can be challenging, but if you do your due diligence and make use of resources provided by roofing contractors, then your decision will be easier, and you'll be happy with the result. Looking for metal roofing contractor in Ontario, Give D.M. Roofing a call.



Metal Roofing Ontario

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Metal Roofing Ontario

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