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Should You Renovate With Skylights? Advice From Your Favourite Construction Company in Kingston

Skylights are an innovative and practical design element that can improve your interior design aesthetic and air quality. They are fast becoming a popular choice for home renovations, upgrades, and new home builds. Installing skylights in a property is a great way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your building’s interior.

Read on to find out why the team at D.M. Roofing, your favourite construction company in Kingston, recommends skylights as part of your next renovation or new home build.

Improved Natural Lighting

Skylights enable you to significantly increase the quantity of natural light entering your house. This is one of the most compelling reasons many people consider installing skylights. Skylights allow light into your home all day, reducing the amount of interior lighting you’ll need to use. 

Natural lighting has such a beneficial impact on your mood, productivity and general well-being, making it a terrific way to energize your daily routine and promote well-being within your home. 

When sunshine floods your room, you’ll feel like you’ve spent the whole day outdoors.

While windows have the same purpose, because they’re located on your home’s siding, sunlight simply does not reach your interior consistently throughout the day, as it does with skylights. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

Interior spaces in any setting will benefit from natural light. By adding skylights, you get the benefits of natural light while reducing the need for artificial lighting —  this means an impressive energy savings.

During summer, you might think skylights allow heat in and contribute to increased cooling costs. However, well-insulated skylights will keep heat from entering the environment and allow just the natural light to flow through. 

Interestingly, artificial lighting equipment often has to work harder to illuminate a space and gives off significant heat in the absence of natural lighting. Adding skylights to your home can result in significant cost reductions on lighting and cooling.

Improved Air Quality

A damp atmosphere with little sunshine can promote a variety of illnesses and bacteria.  Installing skylights boosts physical health and helps those in your home feel fresh and active. Natural lighting also reduces depression and anxiety symptoms. 

Installing skylights that open allows for impressive ventilation and air circulation within an area, ensuring natural airflow while reducing the need for your air conditioning system. This can be attributed to the chimney effect and passive cooling.

Passive cooling is a cooling technique that makes use of natural temperature changes in the air as well as fluctuating pressures. Because hot air rises and cool air descends, opening your skylights allow the cold air accumulation to push the warmest air out of your house. It’s a continuous process that takes place without the assistance of any external mechanical devices. 

Skylights will boost your home’s capacity to utilize passive cooling significantly. 

With many new work-from-home hybrid working models, we spend a lot of time in our homes, which can increase the stale air indoors. When you have improved passive cooling ventilation, you’ll benefit from the circulation of fresh air, naturally.

Looking To Add Value With Your Next Renovation?

D.M. Roofing is the construction company in Kingston that you can rely on for the installation of skylights and sun tunnels from Velux, the innovative manufacturer of premium-quality skylights. 

Velux brand skylights and sun tunnels are designed to capture as much light as possible from all angles. When combined with low-profile flashing, these skylights blend in seamlessly with the rest of your roof, maintaining the visual appeal both inside and out.  

Ready to incorporate skylights in your next renovation? Discover the full scope of services by getting in touch with D.M. Roofing construction company in Kingston today.

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