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Signs It’s Time To Call The Professionals

Roofs are often the most undervalued structural features of our homes. We rarely give them a second thought beyond cleaning out gutters. But they are crucial to protecting our properties from weather elements and exposure. 

Since inspecting them thoroughly is more challenging than other areas of your home, you may not notice damages or aging. However, with the help of professional roofing services, you can quickly address any potential issues and avoid costly bills in the future. 

With this in mind, here are some signs to look out for, without having to climb up onto your roof, that can indicate you need expert advice.  

Visible Gaps 

If you notice daylight peeking through or water damage on the interior of your home, it can highlight a roofing problem. Gaps usually point out actual space between boards, which can let in the rain, encourage pest infestations, and cause serious damage to your belongings.  

This simple check can be done with minimal effort, starting in your attic and working your way around the house.  

Growing Plants  

Although gutters are usually prime spots for plants and weeds to start growing, you need to be wary of them spreading to other areas of your roof. If they are visible, it means there are possible cracks and enough moisture for plants to thrive.  

Another reason behind this problem could be that your roof simply needs to be cleaned, but a professional should make an assessment.  


Drooping or sagging is a more common problem than you realize and is usually the result of excessive water. Drooping means you have poor drainage off your roof and low-quality or aged materials that have led to this issue. It is usually visible from both the exterior and inside your home.  

If you see signs you have a sagging roof, call out professionals for confirmation, as it can lead to further damage and possible injuries. 

To the untrained eye, you may not be sure of whether or not you have a real problem on your hands. But these signs can be a good base for you to make a sound decision in calling out professional roofing services.  

Ignoring your roofing issues can lead to a more disastrous situation that can affect your family’s well-being, property value, and insurance premiums. We can help you avoid this with our skilled team at DM Roofing.  

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