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Let Your Roofing Express Your Personality In Kingston

Roofing used to be an element of houses that homeowners spent very little time thinking about. As a roofing company in Kingston, we have started to see changes rolling in over the decades that we have served the community.

With metal roofing being offered in trendy, exciting, and classic colours, you can now fully personalize your roof. But how do you choose the right colour fit your classic, contemporary, or eclectic home? 

Here are our top tips.

The Proportions

With your roof being a dominant element of the architecture of your building (up to 40%), it is important to remember whatever you choose will cover nearly half of the exterior of your home. 

However, you don’t necessarily see most of that 40% unless you have a really steep pitch to your roof, e.g. an A-frame house. Therefore, the sharper the pitch, the more impact you can expect from your chosen colour. 

The Visual Tricks Of Colour

You can use colour to play with how your brain perceives colour. For example, if you would like a laid-back feel to your home or, conversely, a sharp, strong statement, then this will affect your colour choice as our brains react to the colours chosen. A pale grey or blue for the chilled home, and a strong black, red or even yellow could work for the statement option.

You could also consider your local conditions when choosing a colour. For example, if you are in a hot mini-valley in the city, then a lighter colour will serve you well. International studies in hot countries like India have shown that a white roof can drop your interior temperature by up to five degrees. In the peak of summer, that is a very attractive reduction! 

Should your home be located in a seaside area with lush foliage around, subtle natural colours would be lovely. Grey, sand, or green would make your building blend in beautifully. 

Colour For The Architecture

If you are building a traditional red brick home, then a grey roof will suit that brickwork very nicely as well as fit in with heritage sensitivities. If you are building with a more tactile brick that has multiple colours or tones, then an even quieter shade of any colour should be chosen. 

When your home structure is finished in tones of grey, then your roof will look good in tones of greys, greens, blues, black or white. 

With a sand-coloured home (or cream), you would do well to consider darker tones of sand, greys, greens, blues and black.

Lastly, if you have a crisp, minimalist white house, any colour will look fantastic. Your deciding factor will be the architectural style and, of course, your very important personal style!

Don’t Rush Your Choice

We recommend that you don’t choose a colour from the internet or off of a catalogue. Ask to see physical samples of your chosen colour then view it at different times of the day.

Choose your ideal colour with Kingston’s favourite roofing company, DM Roofing!  

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