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Maintaining And Preparing Your Roof For Winter

Contrary to popular belief, professional roofing services cater to more than just installations and emergency repairs. We are also in the business of maintaining and preparing your residential roofs for seasonal changes. Here are a few ways we can assist you in doing so at DM Roofing. 

Perform Thorough Inspections 

Using our expertise and industry-standard equipment, we can thoroughly inspect your home. This is an important first step in preventing winter roof leakages from developing or worsening during the season. We will quickly assess the condition of your chimney, internal roofing, and plumbing around the area, note any water damage, identify problems, and advise on the best route forward. 

Clear Up Gutters 

Gutters are often the main reason for leakages due to poor maintenance or cleaning. It is crucial that you keep these clean, especially before the impending cold season. Cleared-up pathways ensure good flow and drainage, reducing the risk of a build-up of water. Calling out professionals can ensure that you get the job done effectively and safely without you having to climb up ladders to do so yourself. 

Resolve Growing Issues 

Inspections can highlight issues that need to be resolved. This can include weakened shingles, deteriorating materials or gaps in your roofing. We can work efficiently to ensure that the problems do not spread and help you avoid costly bills in the future due to emergency repairs. 

Adding Drip Edges

Installing drip edges around your roof towards the ends can be beneficial to your maintenance work. These are useful additions that help the flow of water toward the gutter instead of standing over your fascia boards. With our help, you can install a drip edge to prevent your eaves from worsening with time. This is useful in reducing leaking, rotting, and mould build-up. The extra advantage of using these sheets is that they can also prevent pest infestations. 

Our homes are more susceptible to the elements during winter because of snowfall and excessive moisture. The weather can have a significant impact on the structure and materials used, leading to deterioration and potentially leaking. And there’s no way to prevent this from occurring without proper care. Therefore, you must prioritize this as we go into the cold season. 

Call us for a quote for professional roofing services today to help you prevent roof leaks this winter.