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Safety Tips for Inspecting Your Roof

As one of the most reputable roofing companies in Kingston, safety is always our top priority! While we encourage home and business owners to get in touch with us when it comes to roof inspections, we understand that you may want to inspect your roof on your own from time to time.

It is very important to regularly inspect your roof to check for missing shingles, remove debris, and pick up on any potential issues. In this article, we’ll provide you with a few useful safety tips for inspecting your roof.

Check the Weather

You want to inspect your roof on a warm, sunny day. So check the weather ahead of time and plan your roof inspection for a day when there is a 0% chance of rain. You don’t want to end up slipping and sliding all over your roof.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Plan ahead of time by scheduling a day and gathering all the tools and equipment you’ll need for the inspection.

Let Someone Know

It would be preferable to have someone watching you as you climb up onto the roof to do your inspection. This way, if anything happens, there is someone to help. If no one is around, at least call someone to tell them your intentions so they know to check up on you later.

Use a Stable Ladder

To get up onto the roof, you should use a stable ladder that won’t move as you climb it. Getting onto the roof is one of the most dangerous parts of the entire inspection, so make sure you have stable footing and trust in your ladder as well as the rest of the equipment you plan to use.

Know Your Limits

Only you know what your body is capable of. Climbing around on a roof, especially a slanted one, takes a moderate degree of physical fitness and dexterity. If you don’t feel 100% confident, then don’t do it. The last thing you want to deal with is an injury from slipping and falling.

If you ever feel nervous about inspecting your roof on your own, please get in touch with the expert team at DM Roofing, one of the best roofing companies in Kingston. Our team can handle all your roofing needs, including new roof installation.