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Don’t Get Ripped Off By Your Roofing Installation Company

It can be difficult to assess if your roofing has been installed correctly, with the utmost precision and care. There are many areas where roofing companies tend to try to cut corners to save on the cost of materials and labour. Investing in a professional roofing services team, such as DM Roofing, ensures the job is done correctly to serve you and your family for decades to come. 

Value For Money

All depending on your budget and longevity requirements, there are many roofing materials options to choose from. For example, roof shingles, varying in quality, can last up to 25 – 40 years. Skylights, sky tunnels and roof siding can also come with extra costs, as well as benefits and disadvantages, to the structure and function of your roof. 

When you are aware of your personal needs and specifications, you are much better equipped in choosing your roofing options, ensuring you get the most value for your hard-earned money. By enlisting the help of our team of professionals, we work with you to assess your personal roofing needs, making the entire process easier and more streamlined. 

Common Areas Where Companies Cut Corners

As mentioned previously, there are corners which are commonly cut when installing or repairing a roof. You will want to watch out for these, making sure your roof is of the highest quality, lasting to its full potential. 

  • Companies may reuse your old flashing, which may be worn or corroded and cause leakage problems in the future. 
  • They may fail to properly ventilate your new roof, causing a build-up of heat and moisture, damaging the roof shingles. 
  • Covering old shingles with new ones instead of replacing them saves time and can look unproblematic to the layman’s eye. However, this creates cracks where debris and moisture can accumulate, weakening the roof over time. 

Our professional contractors will not use these shortcuts. We are happy to consult with you prior to beginning your project, outlining the methods we will apply to your roof, so you have peace of mind that we will be a good fit for you and your roofing needs.

If you are looking for trusted professional roofing services that will treat your roof correctly the first time, then contact us at DM Roofing for excellent service and quality installations!