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How To Prep Your Roof For Winter In Kingston, ON

How To Prep Your Roof For Winter In Kingston, ON

Blizzards can really do a number on our roofs here in Southern Ontario. If your roof isn’t prepared for winter, it’s time to make sure it is.

One of the biggest problems we have in climates like ours is the buildup of snow and ice on the roof. Snow and ice should melt off the roof like it’s supposed to. But some roofs are susceptible to buildup.

Leaks are a problem that gets worse. Roofs have been known to cave in when snow and ice are heavy enough. Not to mention that this shortens the life of the roof.

It’s important to prep your roof for winter here in Kingston. D.M. Roofing & Construction Services Inc. offers the following tips so you can have a reliable roof that stands up to harsh conditions.

Clean The Roof And Debris Out Of Rain Gutters

Any debris left on your roof structure will only rot as moisture increases during winter. This rots the shingles and edges of the roof along the gutters. Make sure the roof is clean and remove the debris from gutters.

Check Your Roof Insulation To Avoid Ice Dams

Ice dams are a huge problem if they happen to you. Ice will form along the edge of a roof and continue to build up. Not only are the resulting ice cycles dangerous, ice dams can cause significant problems for the roof.

Water backs up behind the dam and saturates until it leaks into the home. It can cause damage to the roof, gutters, attic, walls, ceilings, and more. It can warp flooring and saturate insulation. Then mold can set in. The exterior walls can also be affected.

As heat collects in the attic, it warms the roof except at the eaves. The snow melts and then freezes over the cold eaves and then the dam forms. If there is missing insulation or improper seal at the eaves, the problem is bound to happen.

Get a roof inspection done to see if there are problems that cause ice dams. An inspection should be done once or twice a decade anyway. The ventilation may need to be increased, insulation added, and parts sealed. This is the only real cure, not a temporary fix.

Repair Any Roof Damage Or Deterioration

Any damaged shingles should be replaced. If there is damaged wood around the roof structure, get it repaired. Loose or damaged flashing needs repair. Proper sealing should be in place for any projections that go through the roof.

Check The Attic For Existing Roof Leaks

The attic is not often visited by a homeowner. To prepare your roof for winter, examine the attic space, upper crawlspace, or upstairs ceilings for water stains or moisture. If you don’t see signs, check again after it rains.

Free Winterization – Call NOW!

We will come to your home and fix your roof leaks, free of charge, providing you sign up to get your roof installed by us in the Spring. Call now before the snow flies. Valid for calls up to Dec 15th.

D.M. Roofing & Construction Services Inc. can also help you with roof repairs, roof inspections, siding, exterior siding, skylights & sun tunnels, soffit & fascia, custom metal flashings, and ventilation systems.


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