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Enjoy All of the Great Benefits That a Shingle Roof Has to Offer

Are you in the market to get a new roof for your home in the Kingston area? If you are, why not consider settling on a classic: an asphalt shingle roof? This is one of the most popular roof options in America today, and for good reason. After all, with an asphalt shingle roof you can enjoy a number of great benefits such as the following:

Design Variety

Your roof should do more than simply provide protection for you against the elements. It should also help to make your home look it’s absolute best

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. When it comes to aesthetics, few roofing options can hold a candle to an asphalt shingle roof thanks to its wide design and color variety.

Impact-Resistant Material

Of course, looks aren’t everything, as they say, and that saying is never truer than when it comes to your roof. For instance, you should also expect that it will keep you and your loved ones safe from Mother Nature’s testier side. For that purpose, you can’t go wrong with a shingle roof thanks to its impact-resistant design.

Excellent Wind-Resistance

Tossing around heavy debris isn’t the only way that nature can potentially damage your home. For instance, it might also mess things up with heavy winds. If you want to keep your home (particularly its roof) safe from such winds, you need to opt for a wind-resistant shingle roof.

Fire-Retardant Design

Not all of the issues that could affect your home and its roof will come from the outside. Many issues can happen from within. Case in point: house fires. If you’re looking to keep your home as safe as can be from this danger, get a shingle roof. With its fire-retardant design, this roof type will keep you as safe as can be from this threat.


Life isn’t all about staying safe, though. It can also be expensive, after all, so you need to focus on saving money as much as keeping safe. In terms of money, a shingle roof will keep any homeowner happy thanks to its relatively low-cost and energy-efficient design.

Get Your Asphalt Roof from Our Kingston Pros

Do you want to enjoy all of these great benefits? If so, you need to give the pros at DM Roofing a call today. Our experienced roofers in Kingston offer quality installation and maintenance services that will help you fully enjoy all of the great benefits that an asphalt shingle roof has to offer.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Kingston, ON


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